The heart of American Promise is well-supported, local and volunteer action. AP Citizens make American Promise possible, and all Citizens are expected to bear the responsibility to contribute between $5.00/month ($60/year) and $50/month ($600/year). Just as our democracy should be, there is no “class system” of Citizens where those that pay more, get more. We limit the range of monetary contribution on a 1:10 ratio.

Make history.

Join American Promise.




By Becoming an American Promise Citizen, you’ll join a national, cross-partisan network of active American’s fighting to return our democracy to the people and YOU will write the American story of this generation.

As an AP Citizen you’ll have access to:

  • Communication, Education, and Connection 
  • Ready-to-go, resource loaded networking platform
  • The best books, movies, and speakers about our cause for APA and community engagement and local events 
  • The best (and ever-improving by APAs) tools and resources 
  • AP On the Move : A bi-weekly briefing on breaking developments, strategies, and news
  • The monthly national conference call with APAs and AP members all over the country for information sharing, best strategies and practices, and more.
  • The National Citizen Leadership Conference


Americans join American Promise to affirm our core beliefs: Human Liberty, Equal Citizenship, Our responsibility for self government. 

We Believe.  We Act.  We Join.