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Boston Herald, Jeff Clements Joins Herald Drive Discussing Citizens United (audio file);
Sapochetti: Give power back to the people with 28th amendment (written article)

July 22, 2016
Billings_Gazette_logo.png James Nelson and Jeff Clements, Why Montanans should support 28th amendment, Billings Gazette July 31, 2016
USnewslogo2.png Jeff Clements, Constitution v. Citizens United, A 28th Amendment to overturn Citizens United is within our reach, and Hillary Clinton could make it a realityU.S. News and World Report July 22, 2016
Reuters_logo2.png Doris Kearns Goodwin & Jeff Clements, When The Supreme Court Is This Wrong, It’s Time To Overrule Them June 2, 2015
Dailycaller2.png Senator Alan Simpson, Why GOP State Leaders Should Support A Constitutional Amendment To Overturn Citizens United September 29, 2015
thehilllogo2.png Jeff Clements, Justices Matter But Amendments Matter More February 26, 2016
foxnews2.jpeg Jeff Clements, What’s In Your Summer Burger? Why Your Government Doesn’t Want You To Know August 29, 2014
mit_press_journals_logo.jpg U.S. Representative Jim Leach, Citizens United: Robbing American of its Idealism April 11, 2013
msnbclogo2.png Doris Kearns Goodwin, History On Our Side To Overturn Citizens United, MSNBC/The Ed Show June 2, 2015
american-constitution-society-logo2.jpg Jeff Clements, Justice In The Balance: Citizens United v. FEC, American Constitution Society June 16, 2016
USnewslogo2.png Jeff Clements, The Case For the 28th Amendment, US News July 25, 2014
thehilllogo2.png Senator Alan Simpson & Senator Tom Udall, Bipartisan Case For A Constitutional Amendment On Campaign Finance September 8, 2014
The_Boston_Globe2.png U.S. Representative Jim McGovern & Jeff Clements, We The People Can Overturn Citizens United, Boston Globe January 21, 2012
alternetlogo.png Bill Moyers, Why We The People Must Triumph Over Corporate Power (based on foreword to Jeff Clements, Corporations Are Not People: Reclaiming Democracy From Big Money & Global Corporations) March 17, 2015
trilliumlogo2.png Matt Patsky, CEO of Trillium Asset Management Testifies in Support of 28th Amendment February 29, 2012
Bloomberg-logo2.jpg Reverend Katharine Henderson, Faith Leaders, It’s Time To Overturn Citizens United November, 2012
Missoulian_Logo2.jpg Justice James Nelson (ret.), Citizens United Poised To Destroy Judicial Impartiality July 30, 2013
huffingtonpost2.png Jeff Clements, Doris Kearns Goodwin, If We Believe In The American Promise, It’s Time For The 28th Amendment (video) May 18, 2016
commondreams3.jpg Judy Wicks, Democracy In Jeopardy November 19, 2015
wicked_local_concord_logo.png Concord Journal, Concord Carlisle High hosts forum on civic duty November 19, 2015