Why we act?

The problem has been a long time coming but the 2010 Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. FEC has brought on a national crisis.

In just a few years, more than $30 billion from corporations, unions, & billionaires has poured into our political process to buy elections, corrupt government, and control policy. Most Americans are excluded from meaningful participation and equal representation, and only one in three eligible citizens now even bother to vote. 

Why the 28th Amendment?

Money is speech and corporations are people. African Americans are property. Women have no right to vote. Americans who favor an income tax violate the Constitution. Poll taxes lock out millions of Americans from the voting booth. Americans may be drafted into the armed services yet have no right to vote.

The Supreme Court made every one these rulings. Except for the first (Citizens United), none of these dangerous propositions stood for long because Americans responded with Constitutional amendments. Seven of our twenty-seven amendments overturned Supreme Court rulings. At American Promise, we do what American’s have always done to defend our core beliefs. 

Seven of our twenty-seven amendments overturned Supreme Court Rulings.



Constitutional amendments are how Americans defend liberty, equality and effective self-government.  American Promise is not about conventional politics, DC lobbying, top-down national campaigns, or online petitions. American Promise is about winning the 28th Amendment.