Together, we’ll achieve victory within a decade. Our combined effort will ensure not only the passage of a 28th amendment, but the restoration of equal citizenship. Making our communities safer, healthier and more prosperous.


1. We initiate, empower and support the local American Promise Associations in targeted states. 


2. We replicate, connect and network local American Promise Associations and the human beings who are building them. 


3. We keep score. We know how many votes and states we have in support, and how many more we need to win the 28th Amendment. American Promise Associations all across the country will hold their elected officials accountable.


4. We nurture, enable, coordinate and amplify new support in Congress. The work of our local and state networks is essential to winning support for the 28th Amendment.


5. We ratify. As we win the 2/3 vote in Congress for the 28th Amendment, we also are Ready To Ratify in 38 states.


This all starts with you in your community.